April 23, 2018

Mighty the Alligator - FREE Crochet pattern

Whenever I get inspiration for a project or imagine what it would look like in crochet, I need to jot it down in my handy dandy notebook! (I feel a little like Steve from Blue's Clues, I just need a thinking chair).   Anyway,  my best ideas have been inspired by my kids or by their request.  They usuallyl come up with things they want me to make them. Once I finish their toy, I let them name the pattern.    It's been a fun way to include them in my hobby and I know they will love and cherish the things I make for them because they helped in ways.   

Which brings me to my latest pattern, Mighty the Alligator inspired by my 3 year old!     If you know someone who is into reptiles, they will love this one.   He is another pillow friend that will lay nicely on a bed but still fun to play with.    I love these flat character, not only because they look really cool, but they are easier to store and snuggle.   

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If you would like the AD FREE PDF version of this pattern, it is available for purchase through Ravelry HERE.    And even if you don't purchase, I would LOVE it if you added it to your favorites!   

1 Skein of Green Yarn
Scrap of White yarn
12 mm safety eyes
4 MM hook

Ch-  Chain
SC- Single Crochet
P-  picot (Ch 3, ss in 1st ch)
DEC- Decrease
SS- Slip Stitch
FO-  Finish Off


*Chain 1 and Turn at the end of each row*

LEGS (4 panels needed)
1- Ch 5, SC in 2nd chain from hook and across (4)
2-10 - SC across (4)
Finish off.

Repeat rows 1-10 for 2nd panel but DO NOT finish off. Use your working yarn to SC the two pieces together. To create the toes on the bottom of the leg: SC in first stitch, PICOT (Ch 3 SS in 1st chain), SC in 2nd stitch, PICOT, SC in 3rd stitch, PICOT, SC in 4th stitch. Continue SC around leg. Lightly stuff before finishing.

Complete all steps again for 2nd leg.

ARM (2 panels, 4 if you want an arm on the back side.   I chose only one on front and flat on back)
1- Ch 5, SC in 2nd Chain from hook and across (4)
2-12 - SC across (4)
Finish off.

Repeat rows 1-12 for 2nd panel but DO NOT finish off. Use your working yarn to SC the two pieces together. Use the same steps as the legs to complete the toes for the arm.

TEETH (using white yarn)
1- Ch 13. SC 2nd ch from hook. **SC next chain, PICOT, SC in next ch.** Repeat pattern til the end of chains. You will have 6 PICOTS (teeth)
Finish off, leaving long tail for sewing on later.

TAIL (2 panels)
1-Ch 21. SC 2nd Ch from hook. Ch 1, turn. (20)
2-SC 18, DEC in last two stitches.
3-DEC in first two stitches, SC 17.
4-SC 16, DEC.
5-DEC, SC 15.
6-SC 14, DEC.
7-DEC, SC 13.
8-SC 12, DEC.
9-DEC, SC 11.
10-SC 10, DEC
11-DEC, SC 9
12-SC 8, DEC
13-DEC, SC 7
14-SC 6, DEC
15-DEC, SC 5
16-SC 4, DEC
17-DEC, SC 3
18-SC 2, DEC
19-DEC, SC 1
Finish off.

Repeat rows 1-20 for 2nd panel, DO NOT finish off. Use working yarn to SC around two panels. On the slope of the tail ONLY, **SC, SC, SC, PICOT**, repeat ** until bottom and then continue SC around. Stuff and Finish off. Leave a few inches of yarn to tac on to body later during assembly.

BODY (2 panels)
*Chain 1 and Turn at the end of each row*
1- Ch 17. SC in 2nd Chain from hook and across (16)
2-7 -SC across (16)
8-SC across, ch 17. (16sc 17chs)
9-SC in 2nd Ch from hook and in the next 15 chains, SC across the 16 sc (32 total sc)
10-25- SC across (32)
26- SC 16 stitches, ch 1 turn.
27- 66- SC across (16)

Finish off panel 1. Place safety eyes between rows 9-10 and 7-8 and 5 st apart. Sew teeth on between rows 17- 20. Sew arm (top only) at row 30. Tac tail and feet in place using the yarn tails from pieces. (You can pin pieces instead of tacking them in place)

Repeat Rows 1-66 for 2nd body panel. DO NOT finish off. Place panel 1 on top of panel 2. Using the working yarn, SC around the body.  When you reach the top of the head, stuff the mouth. To create the spikes along the top of his back, use the same PICOT pattern as the tail (sc, sc, sc, PICOT). When you reach the tail, SS through panel 1, tail, panel 2. Finish off when you reach your first SC. Sew in tails.   You're done! 

If you make a Mighty Alligator, please share a photo of him with me, via social media or on Ravelry.   I love seeing others work so tag Bsquare Crochet or use #bsquarecrochet.   You are welcome to sell your work from my patterns but I ask that I am credited with the design.  Please do not copy or post this pattern in part or in whole. 

I'm so thankful for the wonderful crochet community for the encouragement and support I get each time I create something new!   I've been working hard trying to make this blog work out, so thank you so much for being patient with me while I figure it out and make changes as I go. 



  1. I loved the alligator. I made an adaptation to make The Cuca, a Brazilian child peronage, for my grandson. Thanks to share the pattern. Hugs


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